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Experts or the Crowd: Who has the UX advice you need?

In 2004, James Surowiecki gave a name to the truth and accuracy of the aggregated many: “the wisdom of crowds.” It’s the idea, basically, that the collected knowledge of a large number of people tends to be remarkably correct. So when it comes to UX, who can tell you more – the experts, or the crowd? The answer may not be as clear-cut as you think.

Seeking standardization in UX Feedback: The System Usability Scale

Usability testing fills a critical need in understanding users’ responses to your website’s UX, but the inherent subjectiveness of the video/audio feedback format means that it can be difficult to distill meaning from a large number of responses. Your testers are writing you a novel with their words – the plot is no secret, but what’s their underlying theme? Fortunately, a tool already exists to consolidate and synthesize individual testers’.. Read More

7 simple tips for a better website user interface!

This interview was conducted by Clark Buckner from (which provides coverage content on innovative training games and much more). Be sure to check out their Tech Conference Calendar. TryMyUI Co-Founder Ritvij Gautam shared 7 tips for a successful website with TechnologyAdvice host Clark Buckner. In 2014, TryMyUI was acquired by Survey Analytics, a Seattle-based software company that offers multi-platform market research solutions in over 30 industries. TryMyUI provides usability.. Read More

You know how to use it, but do they? A Q&A with TryMyUI

Just last week, we announced Survey Analytics’ acquisition of the usability testing company TryMyUI and we are all very excited for what’s coming next. We had an opportunity to dig in and get some dirt from the young and vibrant Co-Founder Ritvij Gautam (you can call him Rit) about what this means for him and what’s next for TryMyUI. In case you missed out earlier, TryMyUI is a usability testing platform that.. Read More

And we’re back!

TryMyUI is proud to announce that we have been acquired by Survey Analytics, a leader in survey technology that boasts 360 research technologies to provide qualitative and quantitative data to help companies “Get The User’s View”. Notable clients of Survey Analytics include Motorola, McGraw Hill, CareerBuilder and agencies of the U.S. Government such as the FCC, CDC and GSA. Now with TryMyUI on board, companies have the opportunity at getting profound insights into the real-time User Experience of their target customers through a video that has voiced opinions as they complete a series of tasks.

How to Talk to Your Users

We met Diane Loviglio, a user experience researcher at Mozilla, at a recent SF  Bay Area meetup, and she shared some insights on the traditional Recruit-Observe-Interview-Navigate user testing process. 1. Recruit your target audience.  Diane suggests not talking to just anyone or everyone.  Instead, recruit people based on “behaviors” or “personas” versus standard demographics.  For example, if you target “homeowners” versus “married couples in their 30s”, you’re likely to gain.. Read More