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Customer Spotlight: and DIY User Testing develops cool tools for browsers that personalize and improve the user experience. The first tool available helps saves time while searching by providing logos of familiar sites and brands within the Google search results. Ido Sever — Woolik’s co-founder, CEO and product manager — has been incorporating TryMyUI as part of Woolik’s R&D cycle. Woolik just released a beta version of its Web 2.0 site, so we asked Ido.. Read More

5 Tips on Designing a Better Event Website

Cass Phillipps is a Bay Area event organizer extraordinaire.  If you’re a start-up or entrepreneur, you’ve likely attended an event where she was the behind-the-scene force to make it all come together:  FailCon, SF MusicTech Summit, Inside Social Apps to name a few.    One of the reasons why Cass is so good is because she is constantly testing her own assumptions about how things work and figuring out if there’s.. Read More

Prototypes, Wireframes and Live Site — Oh My!

That’s right!  We rolled out some cool new features.  Check them out, and let us know what you think. Prototypes & Wireframes When creating a new test in TryMyUI, you can now specify if the test is for a live site, prototype or wireframe.  We will instruct the users accordingly to set their expectations.   This is important to guide testers for quality feedback, since not everything will be functional on.. Read More

Using TryMyUI and Loop11 in Tandem to Obtain Quantitative and Qualitative Measures

Improving website usability is consistently a challenge for companies – whether a startup or a large enterprise.  There’s a plethora of information and healthy debate on what user experience research methods should be used and when.   When it comes to quantitative versus qualitative research, best practices suggest a mix of qualitative and quantitative approaches to effectively capture a more holistic perspective.  A challenge, however, is how to combine qualitative and.. Read More

Customer Spotlight: Andy Shield – Director of User Experience, Red Bullet UK

We learn so much from our customers, and wanted to pass on the goodness. We recently checked in with Andy Shield, founder of Red Bullet, a research-led web development agency based in the UK.   Andy lives and breathes usability research, and uses OpenHallway (TryMyUI’s sister company).  Thanks for your perspective, Andy! What’s the best part about your job? Insight.  I’ve always found usability tests fascinating and the insight we’ve gained.. Read More

TryMyUI and OpenHallway give away $140,000 of usability testing in sponsorship if UXLX conference

The remote user testing services TryMyUI and OpenHallway are sponsoring the UX-LX conference and are giving away $140,000 worth of remote usability testing to approximately 500 conference attendees. OpenHallway is donating 1 year of service valued at $228 and TryMyUI is giving away two remote user tests valued at $50 for each attendee. Attendees can claim their free user testing services here.

TryMyUI and OpenHallway are proud to sponsor UX-LX in Lisbon this summer

If you interested in usability and can make it to Lisbon this summer we highly recommend you attend the phenomenal UX-LX three day usability conference. This conference has something for everyone in the user experience field. The event will feature workshops in three tracks: Research, Design, and Strategy; as well as talks by such experts as Don Norman, Louis Rosenfeld and Jeffrey Veen. You can check out the full line.. Read More

Compelled Shopping Test

At Bolt Peter’s User Research Friday conference today Jared Spool talked about a test I had never heard of before. He called it the Compelled Shopping Test. When I first heard the premise I must admit it made absolutely no sense to me! Here is how it works… You recruit test users for testing a shopping site who are carefully screened to really and truly be in need of buying.. Read More

Dana Chisnell at B|P User Research Friday – Research in a Social Context

Usability Testing in a Social Context Dana Chisnell gave a great talk today at Bolt Peters User Research Friday. Her observation was that almost all activities on the web occur in a social context that spills out far beyond the particular product being tested. Studies that don’t account for the social context are broken Dana put together a study for a financial company that was providing retirement planning for users… Read More