Gallup, the world’s leading polling organization, has been charting presidential approval ratings since the Truman administration. Their Presidential Job Approval Center showcases data all the way back to 1945, and is updated weekly to include the newest approval data for the current administration.

In January 2017, Donald Trump’s inauguration changed the UX equation for Gallup and the PJAC. The controversial new president was driving a surge of new visitors to the Center to check in on his approval ratings.

Not only were more people were coming, but they were different people from the usual audience. Before, the Center had mostly been used by journalists writing articles covering the White House. Now, it was members of the general public, ordinary citizens with little background knowledge of the data and only the motivation of civic interest, not the extrinsic job-related need to get the right figures. They were also much heavier mobile users than the journalists.


Optimizing the Presidential Job Approval Center

Gallup’s design team knew that crafting a positive, successful user experience for these new visitors would require different things from the platform. To respond to their changing user base, they did some usability testing and re-optimized their designs based on the insights they found.

Read the full case study to learn more about Gallup’s research and how they used their findings:


Gallup UX case study