Responding to your requests, we’ve added a couple of nifty features on

Autosaved notes

A couple of you had the unpleasant experience that if you rated a use test without saving your notes, the notes window would disappear, causing you to lose your notes.  Our bad  – that was a design flaw.  As penance, we’ve double-fixed that:

  1. We now auto-save your notes every 15 seconds, else you can save it manually with the “save now” button
  2. We now keep you on the video page when you submit the rating – the video overlay no longer disappears

Autosized video display

Second, a number of you indicated that you were unable to take advantage of your large screens because the size of the overlay window was fixed.  We fixed that too.  Now the player determines how big your main window is, and auto-adjusts to take maximum advantage.  Additionally, if you resize your window, the overlay resizes with it!   We think you’ll like these.

Play overlay now takes up the whole screen
Play overlay now takes up the whole screen

Keep those suggestions coming – we’re eager to please.